We've officially launched! Welcome to Australia's newest online t-shirt store!

We've officially launched! Welcome to Australia's newest online t-shirt store!

Welcome to my new online t-shirt shop, T-Shirt Wombat!

I'm Barbara, and I'm so pleased that you're here!

I'm normally a full-time travel mum of two teenage girls. This year's continual COVID19 pandemic lockdowns had me realising that if I was ever going to be given the opportunity to explore different, more creative avenues in my life at the age of 54, then that time was NOW!

The story behind the name T-Shirt Wombat

Our local wombat (Source: tshirtwombat.com)

The name T-Shirt Wombat came about after my girls, Brooke and Samantha, and I suddenly started seeing a wild wombat (pictured above) during our walks in our local country town - this was the first wombat I had spotted in town for over 30 years! I believe this rotund, hairy boy was a sign - and who am I to tempt fate? T-Shirt Wombat became more than just a niggling idea, but a reality.

A t-shirt aficionado from way-back, it seemed right that my focus be on t-shirts straight out of the gate. With no previous ecommerce experience, I watched a few YouTube videos and decided I was born for this kind of endeavor - what a challenge! It was time to start putting T-Shirt Wombat together. 

After the basic assembling of the necessary working parts, it was time for the fun bit - design! I set about creating my first t-shirt collections with an aim to stocking the online shop full of fun, unusual t-shirts and accessories, and on September 7th 2021, I made my very first sale - quickly followed by more! T-Shirt Wombat is on it's way.

Sydney Lockdown, Melbourne Lockdown, Canberra Lockdown t-shirts & more!

I'm so excited to reveal our flagship Australian city lockdown range, featuring the three big Aussie lockdown cities during this 2021 phase of the COVID19 Pandemic.

Our Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra Lockdown shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags and mugs are ready to go, and are already flying out! This range is designed to not only make unique gifts, but also souvenirs to keep and wonder - and even laugh over - in years to come.

I hope you love all the new clothing and accessory ranges, and all the new gear being continually added to our store.

Please do check back in often, and follow our T-Shirt Wombat Instagram account for when new t-shirts drop!

Welcome to T-Shirt Wombat!

Barbara Bryan xx

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